An Introduction to the Level Map

The level map helps us plot your fitness. It also helps us set specific goals and make plans toward your pursuit of getting fitter.

On the left-hand side, we have 15 benchmark assessments. These assessments range across time domains (i.e. how long is the workout?), as well as modalities (i.e. how many different movements and pieces of equipment are being used?) Your overall score a broad range of time and modal domains tells me as your coach, your fitness.

And your ability to hold on to that fitness across different ages in your life will determine your health.

So, we use the map every day at RxFIT. Each Monday is called “Benchmark Monday” where we reassess one of the 15 benchmark workouts. This allows us to retest once a quarter, or four times a year.

The eight colors are what we call “levels.” The goal for most individuals is to score a purple-level on all 15 assessments. If you’re a younger athlete, we’d like to see your scores in the brown. If you’re older, we’d like to see your levels in the blue.


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