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How To Start New Habits That Actually Stick

The cue triggers a craving, which motivates a response, which provides a reward, which satisfies the craving and, ultimately, becomes associated with the cue. Together, these four steps form a neurological feedback loop—cue, craving, response, reward; cue, craving, response, reward—that ultimately allows you to create automatic habits. We can split these four steps into two […]

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We use a 3-step charter when it comes to the programming of our workouts, how we write lesson plans for our coaches to follow, and how we develop our staff. We also follow this same charter for our “customer journey” (when you join RxFIT with our On-Ramp program, continue through our workout classes, and then […]

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Mechanics -> Consistency -> Intensity

First, learn the mechanics. Second, consistently perform those mechanics. Then, and only then, raise the intensity. This is the charter that we follow in our leveling-workout program, as well as how we develop coaches at RxFIT. Not only does this apply to an individual when they first join our On-Ramp program, but it’s ingrained into […]

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What’s Their BATNA?

Last year as part of the mastermind group that I’m part of, we had a few world-renowned negotiators speak to us about persuasion. Their overall message was about strengthening your BATNA in conversations. BATNA is an acronym for Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. In other words, “What’s your plan B?” These negotiators than shared […]

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Banishing the Dad Bod!

This week I’ve been writing about how to “Banish the Dad Bod!” More specifically, I’ve been writing about an analogy between wealth-building and health. If you missed the blog series, here’s a summary: After a surprising positive response from many, I thought that I would wrap up this series by writing a step-by-step guide on […]

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Fit Dad, Fat Dad

This week I’ve been writing about an analogy that connects wealth to health. Two days ago I wrote about your Habit Scorecard (Balance Sheet) and yesterday I wrote about your Daily Schedule (Income Statement). Today I want to address how these to connect to each other. The Statement of Cash Flow is where the Balance […]

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Your Fitness Financial Statements

If you did the Habit Scorecard yesterday, I asked you to write your your “asset” habits on the left-side of a piece of paper and your “liability” habits on the right side. Balance Sheet Similar to a Balance Sheet of a company, this scorecard tells me what kind of person you are. That might be […]

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I Already Have Pretty Good Habits…

When someone firsts expresses interest in RxFIT, I’ll sit down with them in a meeting we call a No-Sweat Intro. In this meeting, I ask questions about their goals, what’s worked well (and what hasn’t) in the past, as well as some lifestyle questions. Some of those lifestyle questions focus on nutrition. I’ll ask things […]

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Peculiar Cues: Mastering the Double-Under

Double-unders are seen as the crown jewel in the cardio world. As simple as it seems to pass the rope underneath your feet twice in one single hop, they can be more challenging than one would think; especially after you get whipped by the rope a few times. I’ve worked with athletes for years on […]

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Peculiar Cues: Running

Last year I did a 1/2 Ironman with Mark on a Saturday morning. A friend of ours challenged us to do it with him, so we packed up some sugars and hopped in the pool early that morning. The swim and bike was fine, but man… we started to fall apart on the run. We […]

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