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Peculiar Cues: Butterfly C2B Pull-Ups

When you reach the brown- and black-levels of fitness, butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups show up on the radar. By now, you’ve learned and become proficient in the butterfly pull-up, but for some reason, those extra few inches become incredibly challenging. For athletes learning to string multiple chest-to-bar pull-ups together in a butterfly kip, I teach them […]

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Peculiar Cues: Mastering the Jump Rope

Last week I must’ve done a dozen 1-on-1 skill sessions with athletes working on their double-unders. Before working on the double-under (when the rope passes twice underneath the feet in one jump), I would ask them to first show me a few jump rope drills that demonstrate control (i.e. Criss-crossing the feet, running in place, […]

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Peculiar Cues: Mastering the Pull-Up

For years now, I’ve been sitting down with athletes at RxFIT and doing a “Goal Review” session. In these meetings, I would sit down 1-on-1 and talk about your fitness goals. Before you left, we would make a plan together that would help you achieve those goals. But as of this Summer, I have stopped […]

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“Playground Hops” – A Jump Rope Workout

Jump Rope 2 Sets @ :20 On / :10 Off Slow Singles Diagonal Straddle Arm X’s Sprint in Place High-Knees Butt-Kickers Right-leg Only Left-leg Only Fast Single-Unders Fast Double-Unders Triple-Unders Run in Place Forward & Back Count your total number of mess-ups on the first set. Then beat it on your second set.

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Teenage Fitness

“What the heck just happened?” I asked myself. I was on my stomach with my face in the grass. I had just gotten turned around in a football drill and ended up tripping over my feet. The running back had caught the ball and was running away from me. I stood up and brushed the […]

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Peculiar Cues: Freestanding Handstand Push-Ups

Too often so much focus is placed on the handstand push-up against the wall that I see complacency start to kick in after gaining the skill. The freestanding handstand push-up is the next progression in the inverted pressing series and should be a goal of anyone that can string together multiple strict handstand push-ups. When […]

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Atomic Habits

I was 12-years-old when I started to meet regularly with my first mentor. He played for the New Orleans Saints when he was younger, so I immediately grew a liking to him. We would talk almost exclusively about football and training. A few months in, he saw me struggling to develop a habit. He challenged […]

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Peculiar Cues: Mastering the Handstand Push-Up

The most common faults in a kipping handstand push-up are: Arching through the midline. The feet sliding against the wall during the press. Setting up too close or too far away from the wall. In today’s video, I review the lesser-known tips and cues to help resolve these faults in the handstand push-up. In short, […]

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Peculiar Cues: Mastering the Handstand Obstacle Course

We started with the static handstand and then moved on toward the dynamic or the handstand walk. After we’ve mastered these fundamentals, we’re ready to start working on obstacle courses. That may include ramps, steps, parallette bars, freestanding handstand push-ups, and just about anything else upside-down. After we can hold a handstand in a static […]

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Peculiar Cues: Mastering the Handstand Walk

After you’ve practiced and developed a strong foundation in the static handstand, we can begin to practice walking upside-down in a handstand. There are two ways to get better at handstand walking: 1. Short & Choppy Strides The most common fault I see when someone begins to practice handstand walking is overstriding. As a general rule, your […]

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