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One Habit to Rule Them All

Here’s a conversation I had recently. Have you found the same thing to be true?   “If I don’t sleep well, then I want to eat junk food throughout the day…   If I start the day by eating sugary pancakes or cereal, then I

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Crossfit vs Gymnastics

A few weeks ago, I was asked about some of the differences between “CrossFit Gymnastics” and “Competition Gymnastics.” Below is a continuation of that conversation.   Crossfit Gymnastics vs Competition Gymnastics   The Pull-Up: Probably the first difference most people notice is the pull-up. CrossFit

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Competition Gymnastics and Calisthenics

Competition Gymnastics and Calisthenics.   Under the RxFIT Calisthenics program, we train gymnastic skills such as handstands, round-offs, kip-ups, and others. However, competitive gymnasts also train these skills. So what’s the difference?   My Life As A Competitive Gymnast   Growing up as a gymnast,

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Pros & Cons of Calisthenics

About a month ago, we hired a calisthenics coach at RxFIT. Jefferson Albright has almost twenty years of training gymnastics experience and is great fit with our staff at RxFIT. For the next couple of days, I’d like to share some of his thoughts on

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What Metabolism Means (And How to Fix Yours)

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns energy.   Your body uses calories for energy, like your car uses gas for energy.   You need calories to power your body’s systems, like digestion and circulation. But you also need calories to move.

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5 Pieces of Equipment Every Home Gym Needs

I’ve built out four commercial gyms and home gyms in the past few years. I’ve also helped another dozen or so friends and family build out their home gyms.   Before building out or purchasing any piece of equipment, always ask yourself these three questions:

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Pros & Cons of The Vegan Diet

A vegan and vegetarian diet both don’t allow meat to be consumed. But few know that a vegan diet also eliminates eating anything from an animal (i.e. eggs, milk, and honey).   Like all diets, there are pros and cons to being vegan. I wish

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10 Principles of Nutrition

A well-known dietician within the health and fitness space is named Ec Synkowski. Her company, OptimizeMe Nutrition, is a personal favorite of mine as she takes a realistic, no-nonse approach to nutrition without going off the deep-end of any particular diet.   Recently, she released

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The Super Total

Barbell sports are generally scored in totals when in competition, as opposed to the amount of weight lifted for a single lift.   In the sport of Powerlifting, your score is the sum total of the amount lifted in your bench press + back squat

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Pros/Cons of The Ketogenic Diet

For beginners, the “keto” diet is a very low-carbohydrate diet. Anyone who is following a true ketogenic diet is typically replacing their carbohydrate consumption with fats — reducing their carbs down as low as 5% of total calories. If we were to get more granular,

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