Chuck Richardson’s Experience at RxFIT

I can’t tell you how many gyms I’ve joined in my life. From the age of 16 – -50 , dozens. Nothing changed in regards to my fitness. It was a tough road, it’s all on me…that’s where Rx Fitness comes in. I joined in January 2021, it’s September 25 now. I have never experienced this growth in fitness in such a short time. I soon realized that with Rxfitness that I basically had a personal trainer assisting me in my fitness goals. Later I realized that all these years, that yes I was “working out” but was not performing this exercises correctly. I had minor injuries…because I was flying by the seat of my pants in the gym…incorrectly. When you go to the gym, are you 100% sure you are performing the movements correctly? I realized I wasn’t.

I experienced all this growth in a short period only exercising 2 or 3 times weekly….Now I am increasing it to 4-5 times a week. I am blown away. You need to join me. I know that through RxFitness I will experience the most growth possible. All the trainers are competent, well trained and encouraging. I can’t recommend this gym enough. I am posting this because I had to share my experience. Again….this growth, with minimal commitment….I feel unstoppable. I had to share this with you all cause it’s too amazing to hide. Do yourself a favor….give this gym a shot. You will thank me and the trainers… seriously. Get your affairs in order and join this gym. Who knows, you may be in a movie later with Arnold? This gym has changed my life and has given me hope, with the extra help I needed. 

Chuck Richardson

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