Competition Gymnastics and Calisthenics

Competition Gymnastics and Calisthenics.


Under the RxFIT Calisthenics program, we train gymnastic skills such as handstands, round-offs, kip-ups, and others. However, competitive gymnasts also train these skills. So what’s the difference?


My Life As A Competitive Gymnast


Growing up as a gymnast, I trained for four hours a day. Upon arriving at the gym, I spent one hour warming up and stretching. Hours two and three were my training hours, and then the last hour was reserved for additional conditioning and stretching.


I’d go to the gym every day after school and stay past dinner time. We had these quick breaks during practice called “dinner snacks” where we would all go to the vending machine. My go-to snack was the Honey Bun.


The focus all practice long was on drilling skills and routines in order to receive a perfect score in the next competition. All of my training was focused on trying to achieve the best score on each of the six gymnastics events.


I maybe looked like I was in good shape, but I wasn’t healthy.


My Life Now As An RxFIT Coach


I want to take the positive lessons I learned from my training in the competitive gymnastics gym and transfer it into the RxFIT mission. I’ve since learned what good nutrition looks like and how it affects your health. I also have learned the many benefits to training bodyweight fitness. I’m now so excited to be able prescribe calisthenics as a solution to someone’s long-term health goals.


I want to invite you to learn more about the RxFIT Calisthenics program. I believe that I can help you in invaluable ways — even if you live remotely.


I eventually left competitive gymnastics and picked up parkour and freerunning — two sports that require similar calisthenic skill sets. Because of my vast background, you can expect to see a lot of the skills and drills familiar to these sports in my programming and coaching. They have tremendous carry over to developing better coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance — four crucial components to fitness.




My personal goal as a coach is to help my athletes discover the great health benefits of training calisthenics, while also having fun doing it. I want to help you build strong joints that are going to prevent injury, improve body awareness and control, and prioritize healthy eating.


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