Fitness Challenge

Every morning when I get up early to write you, I think of how I can best help you lead a healthier life. Most of the time, I go to bed knowing what I’m going to write about in the morning. But I was stumped this morning.

So I went into the gym to coach some athletes–both in our group classes and personal training. An old friend showed up unexpectedly that I haven’t seen since before COVID.

This friend and his wife came back in after trying to work out from home for the past 13-months. He said, “Some weeks we were consistent, but most of the time we weren’t. It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re not accountable to anyone.”

After that conversation, I knew what to write about. I spent time piecing together this 6-week fitness challenge for you. If you live around Utah County, let’s do the program together in-person. I’ll train you.

If you live away from one of our RxFIT locations, let’s do this together remotely. I’ll have weekly calls with you over Zoom to hold you accountable.

Simply reply “I’m in” to this email so I can put you down. Realistically, I can only train take on about four more athletes at the moment.


*Access the program here.


In 5-minutes, complete the following
Run 400-meters
100 Double-Unders
Burpees in time remaining
-Rest 2:30 before the next interval-

Do this 4 times.

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