The Do Nots

What are some of your personal workout or fitness center “dont’s”?


This is the tenth question that I’m answering this month of the 24 most commonly asked questions Mark and I receive.

The Short Answer


  • Don’t forget to warm-up.
  • Don’t use mirrors.
  • Don’t drink pre-workout.


The Longer Answer


These are the three things I would do everyday when I was in high school. I probably learned them from the magazines.


After years of owning a gym, however, these are three simple don’ts that I see all too often.


Don’t Forget to Warm-Up: This happens more in our Provo location because the population is younger, but the warm-up is vital to you performing well. Regardless of what you do for your warm-up, just do it. Not only does it reduce your risk of injury, but also primes your body to perform better. And who doesn’t want that?


Don’t Use Mirrors: “But I need to check my form!” No you don’t, because what ends up happening is you stare at the muscle being worked while making a kissy-face to pretend like you’re working hard. Mirrors don’t reveal inconsistencies in your form — videos do. If you really are worried about your form, do what every other athlete does and record yourself. Then check the video footage after.


Don’t Drink Pre-Workout: There are good studies that show how pre-workout will enhance your performance. My only issue with pre-workout is that you grow dependent on it. If you want to drink pre-workout before a big race, or once a week during your hardest training session, then go for it. But I would error away from drinking pre-workout every day.




When I receive this question, it’s usually more out of curiosity than anything. But now you have it.


After years of owning a gym, these are perhaps my top 3 don’ts when it comes to exercise.



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