How Workouts Are Programmed

Health is nothing more than your fitness perpetuated across your lifetime. Which is why we love data–especially performance data. It’s a snapshot today of the health of our community.

For example, we use both your objective data (the scores you enter into Chalk It Pro) and subjective data (how you move while in the classes), to program the workouts. RxFIT’s head coach, Tyre Aguilar, oversees this task and spends a good chunk of her Thursdays every week writing future workouts.

Her and I have spent a lot of time together talking about and refining our approach to workout programming. In many ways, good programming is both a science and an art:

  • It’s a science because it requires a sound understanding of how the body will respond to different metabolic stressors.
  • It’s an art because it requires an elegant approach to movement patterns, rep volume, and scoring schemes.

Below is a picture of the objective data she sees every week–which brings me to my question…

If you were Tyre, what things would you consider in our future workouts? 😉


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