June 12th Week Preview

Here’s a recap of new systems implemented, the upcoming calendar, and a breakdown of next week’s programming.

New Systems

New sales systems were created this week that you can find here:

We also continued to have many discussions surrounding internal communication; specifically the communication between managers and coaches.

While my plan was to report on this issue today, it will have to wait one more week. It will be done next week as we finalize the Holladay manager position.

Upcoming Calendar

Metcon Mania was POSTPONED to FRIDAY, August 26th. This is a competition for the gymnastic and cardio junkies. Workouts will not include any barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, or medicine balls.

Additionally, if you plan on going to Iron Games this year on October 13-15, please let me know. I am the Volunteer Lead for that event this year, so I’m in charge of rallying up all of the volunteers and making sure that they have a meaningful volunteer experience.


Today concludes our last day to the 10-week weightlifting cycle. We will enter a deload week this upcoming week, before starting a heavy squat cycle. In today’s podcast episode, Laws talks about what a “Deload Week” means and how you should approach the workouts–it’s different than you probably think!

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