KB Snatch: Preventing the Wrist Bruising

Every few weeks, we program the kettlebell snatch into workouts. There is always a few athletes that ask if they can just use a dumbbell because of the kettlebell slapping the back of the wrist and causing some bruising. Sometimes we cave and allow it; but other times, like today’s level testing, we don’t allow it. And here’s why:

Variance is a key to our fitness. Not just variance in the movements or time domains, but variance in the equipment we use as well. Therefore, if we only train with a dumbbell, our fitness becomes limited in scope.

The mechanics of the kettlebell snatch, once learned, are simple. And the best part is, it doesn’t hurt the wrist.

Here’s a short video on those mechanics so you no longer dread coming in to workout on days with KB snatches.


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