Metcon Mania: WOD 2

In two months, Metcon Mania will be here! A competition for the lover-of-metcons who struggle to lift Rx weights.

Or, if you do like to lift weights, but want to change things up, this bodyweight/cardio competition will be a good challenge for you.

Registration is now live here.


  • Time Domain: 15-20 Minutes
  • Scheme: Triplet
  • Priority: Interval
  • Modality: MMM
  • Volume: 200+ reps

I originally had this workout written as an EMOM with the calories at 15 for men and 12 for women. If you completed the movement in under 1-minute, you received a point. If you failed, you didn’t earn a point.

I like that style a lot for training because it inserts a little bit of panic in the last 15-seconds of every minute. But the max score of 18 inevitably was going to result in a tie for many athletes–and that makes placing tricky in a competition.

We also had athletes taking full rounds off when testing this in order to recover for a full minute. I didn’t want that either because it’s no fun to watch.

So, we changed it to eliminate both of those concerns. Now, there’s a reduced chance of athletes finishing the same number of total calories. It also doesn’t allow the athlete to hide and take off a full minute on a movement weakness.

WOD 2 is a test of endurance and stamina–how long can you push your body above the 80% threshold? And can your body recover enough to maximize your calories on the rower round after round?


The scaled division will perform 70 single-unders. Other than this variation, both divisions for men and women will have the same workout.

You must first run 200-meters, then jump rope 70 times. After that “buy-in”, you then earn the right to row for calories. If you don’t get to the rower, your score is 0 for that round.

Your final score is the sum total of calories rowed from all 6 rounds.


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