Mindset: Growth vs Infinite

Within sports psychology, it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “Growth Mindset.” In fact, if you’re a regular reader of the RxFIT blog, you’ve read me write about this many times.

But I have focused most of my writing on clarifying the differences between a “fixed” and a “growth” mindset. I believe it’s time to start leveling up our approach. Most individuals in our community are now growth-minded.

This mindset that I’m referring to is called an “Infinite Mindset,” and I’m going to dedicate this week to writing a series about it.

As you read the blog each morning, I would also encourage you to read these three sources:

What do you think the difference between a growth and an infinite mindset is?

Stay tuned for my thoughts.


Articles in this Series:
Mindset: Adopting an Infinite One
Mindset:Advancing a Just Cause
Mindset: Trusting Teams
Mindset: Worthy Rival
Mindset: Existential Flexibility
Mindset: Courage to Lead

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