Movement Technique: Close-Grip vs. Wide-Grip Bench Press

There’s a surprising amount of technique that goes into a bench press. One of the obvious points of performance is where you grip the bar.

A “neutral” grip is where your wrists are stacked right above your elbows at the bottom of the rep. This should make a perpendicular line between your forearms and the floor. This is perhaps the most popular grip.

But for the more experienced lifter, you will either see them with a close-grip or a wide-grip. The close-grip will work more of your triceps, inner pecs, and deltoids while the wide-grip focuses on the outer pecs and shoulders.

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Additionally, the close-grip bench press is harder on the wrist joint while the wide-grip bench press is tougher on the shoulder joint.

Most of the top powerlifters in the world use a wide-grip. But after digging further into their training regimens, they all continue to use the close-grip technique in their training. Constantly varying your technique allows for your numbers to continue to climb. Just ask Louie Simmons, owner of the strongest gym in America (Westside Barbell).

In summary, find what’s comfortable to you.


Daily WOD

I’m challenging you right now to workout 50 days in-a-row. Here is your workout today.

Day 32 (of 50)
24-18-12-6 reps of…
Double Dumbbell Thruster
Hang Double Dumbbell Snatch

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