This program is Weeks 9-16 of your Muscle-Up and Handstand Push-Up Program. If you missed Weeks 1-8, you can find the exercises here.

You will see here that there are no scaling options. This is intentional. If you cannot complete these Rx, continue to do Weeks 1-8 of the MU and HSPU program until you can do these movements as written.




  • Ring Bottom of Dip Hold
    Accumulate 60–90s of hold time in 10–15s intervals. Rest as needed between holds but as time goes on try to get to 1:1 work:rest ratio. Do these on the high rings with your body perpendicular to the ground.

  • Hand-Release Push-Ups
    Accumulate 50-reps as fast as possible without going into an aggressive arch body.

  • Deficit Kipping Handstand Push-Up
    Accumulate 20-reps as deep as possible. No more than sets of 2 here.


  • Ring or Bar Muscle-Ups (15-reps For Time)
    Do the hardest version of a muscle-up that you can successfully complete. If you are completing sets of 5, you need to make them harder. Time cap: 5-minutes

  • Pull-Over to Eccentric Muscle-Up (12-reps)
    Don’t spend any more time than 6-minutes doing this. Do an eccentric muscle-up and skip the pull-over if you keep failing the pull-over. Use a band for the eccentric phase if needed. Your transition from the bottom of the dip to the top of the pull-up (where your chin is still above the bar but your body is below the bar), should take 4-seconds!


  • Static Handstand Hold (6 Rounds)
    -30-seconds on, 30-seconds off-
    Stay as vertical as possible. Eventually, these should be as close to freestanding as possible (i.e. stay close to the wall to keep you upside-down, but use the wall minimally).

  • Bench Press (4 x 5)
    -Rest 90-seconds between sets-
    These should be as heavy as possible.



  • Handstand Push-Ups (5:00 AMRAP)
    Do the hardest version of a handstand push-up that you can successfully complete. If you are completing sets of 5, you need to make them harder.

  • Deficit Push-Ups (Accumulate 100-reps with the same set #).
    This should take you 6-minutes. Try to stick to the same set # each time (i.e. don’t do 30 push-ups for your first set and then 7 sets of 10. It would be better to do 10 sets of 10 with shorter breaks). If you are too fast, make the deficit bigger next time. If it takes you longer, eliminate the deficit (or drop to your knees).


If you’re like me and you need to do something every day in order to keep a habit, then do this on Sunday. If you need a rest day, then rest.

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