Overhead Mobility Routine

“I’m just not flexible in my _____fill in the blank____ (ankles, shoulders, etc.)”

The tough thing about improving your range of motion in joints is consistency. You don’t need anything fancy; just a simple prescription of getting into certain positions every day.

So I put together this 5-minute mobility routine in hopes that you do it every day. My recommendation would be to habit stack this routine as part of your morning or evening ritual. For example, “When I brush my teeth, I begin stretch #1…” or, “After I change out of my day clothes, I’ll start the clock for stretch #1.”

Do whatever you need to do that this habit becomes as natural as your other habits.

This routine is focused on your mid-back and shoulders.

Daily Overhead Mobility Routine

1. World’s Greatest Stretch (10x per side)
2. Prayer Stretch (10x)
3. Windmills (10x per side)
4. Around the Worlds (10x)
5. Cow’s Face Pose (:30 per side)

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