Peculiar Cues: Mastering the Handstand Walk

After you’ve practiced and developed a strong foundation in the static handstand, we can begin to practice walking upside-down in a handstand.

There are two ways to get better at handstand walking:

1. Short & Choppy Strides

The most common fault I see when someone begins to practice handstand walking is overstriding. As a general rule, your stride should never outreach the fingertips of your opposite hand. The short steps help keep your hips and knees stacked over top of your wrists.

The second component you want in your stride is to keep it choppy. Choppy steps prevent you from shifting your weight too far to one side.

In other words, keep your “steps” small and quick.

2. Externally Rotate the Wrist

Rotating the fingers out improves the range of motion for your wrist. If your fingers are facing forward like in a static handstand, your wrist goes into excessive flexion that tends to throw your balance off.

I made another video for you detailing these two cues. I hope you find it helpful.


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