It Doesn’t Fit In My Budget

“I’ve struggled with losing weight my whole life,” you said.


I hear this sentence more often than you would imagine.


Last night you and I had a great conversation. We talked about how your husband had to literally pull you off the couch in order to get you here to the gym so we could talk. You are 5’5” and 335 pounds.


You shared with me that you wanted to serve as a missionary 10 years ago but you were rejected because of your BMI. They told you that you had to lose 30 pounds in order to qualify for service.


You talked about how you don’t like the reflection in the mirror every morning.


You talked about your guilt every day when you overeat the frozen pizza and the bowls of ice-cream.


You talked about your low energy levels.


You asked me what you needed to do.


So I told you… and then you decided not to do it.


Your excuse?


“It just doesn’t fit in my budget.”


Getting Healthy on A Tight Budget


Our mission is to guide you to individual results through prescribed fitness; but we recognize that results take time.


So because money is tight right now, I’m going to change the plan. This plan is going to allow you to make baby steps.


So what’s your new prescription?


I put together 150 workouts you can do at home — no equipment required. In addition to the workouts, I’m going to pair you up with a coach because you need the accountability. You need someone to report to.


These coach-athlete reports are going to happen once a month for 30 minutes. You’re going to report on your sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Then, you will have the remaining time to ask questions and learn what you don’t already know.


The price tag?




Now we’re talking.


But, recognize there are still 29 other days in the month. I still recommend the in-person option once your finances are back in order.




I care about what you care about. And my coaches do too.


Everything we do here at RxFIT is month-to-month. So if you don’t see value in our coaching, discontinue.


But I know you will see value in the coaching.




Because we get individuals results.


Let’s do this remotely, together.




p.s. After you start to get the results, tell your siblings who live out of state about your coach. They want to help your brother and sister lose weight (on a tight budget) too.


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