RxFIT Radio – Episode 005: Physical Therapist, Ryan Petersen

We’re joined today with Ryan Petersen, Craft’s physical therapist that works out of the South Jordan RxFIT location. In today’s episode, they cover common injuries to the shoulder, hip, knee, and low-back, how to rehab them, and what a session with a PT looks like.Next week, Ryan will is planning on doing two different “Lift and Learn” seminars for all RxFIT members.

  • Tuesday, May 10th at 5:00 p.m. @ RxFIT-Bluffdale.
  • Saturday, May 14th at 7:00 a.m. @ RxFIT-South Jordan.

Subscribe to the blog here.Upcoming Events:

  • Utah’s Super Meet will be on May 21st at RxFIT-Bluffdale.
  • Murph will be Saturday, May 28th at RxFIT-Springville, RxFIT-South Jordan, and RxFIT-Holladay. Bring your family and friends to whichever of these three gyms you live closest to. Free fruit, pancakes, orange juice, chocolate milk, and more will be provided.
  • Metcon Mania will be on Friday, June 10 at RxFIT-Orem.
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