The Island Test

Karli and I just finished up watching the 40th season of the famous t.v. show, Survivor.


In Survivor, a group of strangers are placed on an isolated island where they must provide food, fire, and shelter for themselves. They are generally split up into tribes where they will compete in challenges for rewards and immunity from elimination for 39 days. Each night, one person is voted out of the tribe by their fellow contestants until only one individual is left standing — the “Sole Survivor.”


Survivor and You


For those contestants that make it to day 39, they lose a considerable amount of weight (sometimes over 40-lbs!). This is because they only eat what they can find: fish caught in the ocean or fruit stripped from the trees.


They are also given bags of white rice at the beginning of the game that they must conserve across the month-in-a-half.


Now, there’s certainly a much healthier way to lose weight — which is why I always recommend working with a nutritionist. But last week I was on the phone with a number of individuals that complained about why losing weight was so complicated…


The fact is, losing weight is not complicated. You’re just eating too much.


Recent Evidence


Richard weighed in at 245-lbs in February. Over the weekend, he weighed in at 205-lbs. He lost 30-lbs in three months by simply eating less. No really, he still eats ice-cream and oreos on the weekend… he just doesn’t go over his daily calorie goal.


Mark’s dad lost 20-lbs in two months by limiting his calorie-intake at breakfast and lunch. Dinner stayed the same. He lost 20-lbs in two months by simply eating less.


Anna lost 80-lbs last year by simply eating less. Just ask her at the Provo gym in the morning — she may cheat a meal on the weekend, but she makes sure that meal never goes over the calorie goal for the day.




Survivor¬†has taught me the “Island Test” — No matter who you place on an island for 39-days, they will lose weight. Period.


The key is consistency.


Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.


Losing weight isn’t complicated — you just need to consistently eat less.



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