The Last Barrier

It was 7:45 p.m. last night and I was sitting on the couches at the gym. One of my clients was emotional because he keeps giving up on his weight-loss journey.

Tonight he weighed in at 365-lbs.

“I’m starting to believe that it’s just impossible for me,” he said. “I need to face reality: I’m going to die early because of these food demons.”

I let those words sink in; both to his ears and mine.

We were silent for maybe 20-seconds, and then he said:

“I’m hopeless, Tyler. If I’m gone, she’s going to remarry… And I can’t let another man raise my 5 kids!”

So I shared with him this story.

Breaking 2

“The Last Barrier” is the nickname given to running a marathon in less than 2-hours. No one has ever done it. At least until 2019.

After many studies, scientists deemed this feat impossible. The reason?

You need to run every mile of a marathon in 4-minutes and 34-seconds… You probably don’t even know someone who can do that for one-mile, let alone 26 consecutive miles!

The common belief is that, “The human body can’t continue to replenish itself with oxygen if it’s moving that fast, for that long.”

The 4-Minute Mile

This barrier is similar to the old “4-minute Mile” Barrier. Roger Bannister, the British Olympian in 1954, finally broke this barrier running a mile in less than 4-minutes. That run later became known as the Miracle Mile.

It’s considered the Miracle Mile because it was once considered impossible. But after Bannister accomplished it, thousands of athletes today are now doing it–even high schoolers!

The Miracle Mile teaches us that we just need one person to give us permission to accomplish the impossible. Bannister did that in 1954. Eluid Kipchoge did it again in 2019.

Eluid Kipchoge

In 2019, Eluid Kipchoge broke “The Last Barrier” and finished a marathon in 1:59:40. Nike published a film on this journey titled Breaking 2 on Netflix (see trailer below). 

His pace for 26-miles was just 30-seconds slower than Bannister’s “Miracle Mile!”

In his post-race interview, he emotionally thanks the 43 other runners that ran in-and-out of the marathon to help him maintain the 4:33 mile pace.

“You need to believe that something impossible is possible,” Kipchoge said.

“But remember, 100% of me is less than 1% of the team. You can’t do the impossible alone. I couldn’t have done that without the other 43 men.”


Barriers are nothing more than limiting beliefs.

If your experience with weight-loss is anything like my client’s – a struggle every day to exercise in the morning, eat right during the day, and go to bed on time at night – find a team of 43 runners. Not literally, but build a team like Kipchoge and Nike did to break these barriers.

100% of you is less than 1% of a team.

If you need help, text me. We can then schedule a time to talk about your own barrier and how we can surround you with a team of runners. My number is: (801) 923-6808.

Seriously, text me now and I’ll respond as soon as I see it.

What you’re about to accomplish is going to give others permission to do the same…


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