The Pursuit of Health

There are finite games. And there are infinite games.

Finite games have clear rules, a scoreboard, and a clear winner and loser. Competitive fitness falls into this category.

But infinite games, like business and health, don’t have clear rules. Everyone looks at and uses a slightly different “scoreboard.” And there is no winner crowned at the end simply because there is no end.

The dichotomy of this, however, lies in keeping things in their proper perspective. This is perhaps the most important message we have to share with you–especially as we wrap up our annual Provo vs. Springville Fitness Competition.

What brought you to RxFIT was the desire to be a better person; to push beyond what you thought was possible and see what you’re capable of. When you learn a new skill in the gym or lift a new PR, it’s validation that you are becoming the person you want to become. This is extremely fulfilling.

But it’s double-edged. When you reach plateaus, you begin to wonder if you’re good enough; if you have what it takes. You compare yourself to others around you. You begin to believe that you are inferior to those fitter than you.

There is benefit to competition, but only when you identify a competitor as a worthy rival. The difference is that by studying a rival worthy of comparison, you highlight your own weaknesses. You get inspired to be better.

Focusing on where you can improve, rather than where you’re not good enough, is a key difference in adopting the right mindset.

Here’s why:

Today’s one day. Health is a low trajectory toward a distant horizon.

Keep at it.


Note: Like any message, these ideas aren’t entirely my own. Rather, they are ideas learned from many different authors across many different industries. But if this message resonated with you, I’d further recommend reading Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game.

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