What is Fitness?

What even is fitness? And who is fit?

Of the three olympic runners below, who would you say is the fittest?

It’s really actually a peculiar question. Is it based on what you’re capable of doing or how your body looks? Or is fitness whatever you want to look like/be able to do?

These three pictures of men were olympic track athletes at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Shawn Crawford was a 100-meter sprinter, Matt Centrowitz ran the (almost) mile, and Galen Rupp ran the 10k. Their bodies couldn’t be anymore different.

We have too many definitions of fitness floating around with no clear understanding of fitness really is. Most dictionaries will define fitness either as “someone without disease” or an individual capable of “transmitting his or her genes”.

So I guess you’re fit if you don’t have serious health issues… or if you have given birth to posterity.


These definitions stink. This week I’m going to share with you the Kinematic Theory of Health, along with its definition of fitness.

Stay tuned.


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