Your Goals, Your Prescription

The vast majority of New Year Resolutions go undone because individuals don’t know what to do, or how to do it. More specifically, they underestimate the commitment that is involved with achieving a certain goal.

RxFIT is on a mission to help these individuals — to guide them to know what to do and how to do it.

We accomplish this by prescribing fitness; a combination of core and accessory offerings.

RxFIT Core

We have four core offerings: personal training, nutrition coaching, group classes, and remote accountability. Every athlete that walks through the doors or calls the gym phone number receives a “core” prescription making up some combination of these options.

Personal Training is our most customized approach to coaching and is recommended at least once a month. In these training sessions, your coach will prepare and deliver 30-60 minute training sessions tailored to your goals. Both the training and the nutrition coaching is custom.

Nutrition Coaching is similar to the personal training sessions, but is only focused on the nutrition. In many instances, we prioritize nutrition sessions over personal training in order to prevent distractions. Many of us have bad addictions or poor relationships with food, and confronting these issues face-to-face is sometimes the best option. Again, this option is custom coaching.

Group Classes are the most popular option simply because they tend to be the most fun. While the workouts and nutrition is not custom, we develop our staff still deliver personalized coaching to your goals. For example, if your goal is to get stronger, your coach may alter the workout to a lower rep scheme and heavier weight while the rest of the group is doing something different.

Remote Accountability is a happy medium between the group classes and personal training. The goal of these remote check-ins is to provide regular touch points with a mentor. You may not want to workout in-person due to a busy, inconsistent schedule — but whatever the reason, we’re okay with it. We have remote coaches on the phone everyday calling athletes and helping guide them to their goals.

RxFIT Accessory

Additionally, we also have three accessory programs that focus on calisthenics, weight lifting, and crossfit. These three programs are seasoning to your prescription and allow for further customization to your plan.

Before expounding on the specifics of these, the three programs below are delivered in the same manner as the core offerings. You can receive your coaching via in-person personal training, in a group, or remotely.

RxFIT Forte is a strength-based program led by Coach Miranda. Under the “Forte” umbrella, we deep dive into four modalities: powerlifting, olympic lifting, bodybuilding, and strongman. Depending on the goal, we sometimes prescribe parts of Miranda’s program so you don’t spend time working on things that you don’t need.

RxFIT Gymnastics is calisthenics-based and is focused on learning new skills, getting stronger relative to your bodyweight, and becoming more flexible. We best achieve these three aims with four emphasis: upper-body pulling, upper-body pushing, core work, and mobility. You can also expect to have this program split up into parts depending on your needs and goals.

RxFIT Plus is a crossfit-approach geared toward the individual wanting more. If you want to do more than one workout in a day, prepare for a competition, or practice heavy weight lifting and high skill gymnastic workouts, this is your program. Coach Fernanda breaks the program into the three main energy pathways: phosphocreatine, glycolytic , and oxidative.


Four core offerings + three accessory programs. This is how we deliver you results.

Our approach to coaching makes us unique. The RxFIT emphasis on developing and maintaining one-on-one relationships with you is what makes us different. Never will you have a conversation inside the gym’s walls, or over the phone, without your coach first addressing you by name.

This is integral to our success.


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