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Filipe Andrade

“If you’re considering joining the gym go for it! The best thing about this gym is that the coaches are amazing! They know what they’re doing and they just want to help you become a better you!”

“The friends I’ve made here are just awesome and it’s fun to try and compete against one another. It’s really motivating and so much fun! The workouts are meant to be challenging and they’re scaled to your personal ability, you get to decide how hard you want to push yourself each workout and you can actually see your progress every time you repeat a workout! I’ve worked out at a lot of different gyms and loved them… But to be very honest this is the absolute BEST gym I’ve ever joined and I knew it would be right after the very first workout. 2) So I’ve only been here at RX fit for a couple months but I’ve noticed how much more functional strength I’m gaining… My shoulders hurt less at work when I pick heavy things up (I work in construction, and have a shoulder injury)… My pullups have improved substantially, as well as my box jumps… Overall I’m just measurably stronger and more athletic in just 2 months. I also hurt less, and have noticed less aches and pains since I’ve joined. I can’t wait to see where I’m at after the year mark! Thanks to Tyler and all the coaches for all you do for us. I love this gym!”

Katelyn Sittard

” I have been a member of this place for four years and I liked it since they one. Prior to that I had never worked out in group classes. This place was like a family. The coaches down to earth and everyone just there to get better and have a good time.”

“The place is spacious and the equipment in good shape. And they are even investing in new equipment now. They have plenty of time slots for classes. Some classes were reduced during the pandemic but they are starting to come back. If you are worried about your level of fitness don’t. The best part of this place is that the coaches and programming truly adjust to all levels and you see progress at whatever level you come.”

Bryce Ericson

“I love this gym!! I’ve been self conscious and hesitant about working out for the past couple years after I got out of shape a little bit, and the coaches here have completely turned that around for me!”

“Not only have I seen results after my 3 months here, but my confidence is completely different since I started. Classes have athletes of every level, and the coaches do a great job making sure everyone is on the same page and working to the best of their personal abilities. Ive never paid for group fitness or personal training and I was a little hesitant, but I am so happy that I put the money aside for this every month because it is worth every penny!”



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