Do I need a certain level of fitness to join?

Nope. We realize that sometimes it might feel intimidating to come into a gym and not feel fit but each out of our workouts are designed to be able to be done by any fitness level.

Do you offer nutrition advice?

We have a very effective 6 week program that has been reviewed by registered dietitian and naturists that’s an effective way to jump in and progress fast in your health goals. We also offer more involved nutrition help as well.

How long does each training session take?

Each training session is about 1hr long. Included in that hr will be some strength and technique training, dynamic warmups, and a programmed workout designed to wear you down just enough to want to come back the next day!

What sets you apart from other gyms?

Our tagline is Fitness Prescribed. We have a unique method of breaking down some of the most competitive programing in the world into color coded levels that scale the workouts into progressive movements that help you improve! This allows people of all fitness levels to be working side by side with clearly outlined progressions.

What kind of exercises can I expect during a workout?

We believe in variety. This keeps things interesting! It also keeps your body on its toes so to speak. Exercises include a number of movements including bodyweight, traditional weight lifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, cardio, etc.

Is there kid care?

There is a kid space at each of the facilities. Currently only the 9am or 9:30am sessions have monitored kid care. Check with the gym manager for details. You are welcome to bring your children but remember, no children are allowed on the gym floor. We don’t want them hurt.

What kind of equipment do I need?

You won’t need any equipment, we have it all at the gym ready to go!

What is the programming like?

The core of our programming is designed by some of the most competitive athletes in the world. We know competing isn’t everyone’s goals so we then take that programming and break it down into the Level Method to properly scale the movements by colors to more accurately help you progress at your level and desired goals. If you need special guidance because of a limitation or injury, our certified trainers are here to help you modify what you need.

What makes your approach different?

Our approach on typical cross training / functional fitness movements allows us to dial in workouts specific to you and your fitness and experience level. Combined with our nutrition and accountability programs you will find finally crush those weight loss or strength goals you have been wanting to achieve. Here is what one member said about it: “After only 1 month, I have thoroughly enjoyed the RxFit team and community and highly recommend their approach! For me personally, the workouts and nutrition guidance I have received have helped me lose nearly 9 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle! They work! I also love the range of experience in the classes - there are those just starting their fitness journey all the way up to friendly veterans. Everyone is there to improve, and so it is easy to get to know others and support and encourage one another.”

- Micah

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